Wednesday, July 28, 2021

IceR -- Easy to use Shiny tool for next level alignment and peptide identification!

I'd left myself the helpful notes a while back that had a link to this preprint and just the words scribbled "this looks blank killer!!"

I'd like to thank past me for leaving this very helpful note in such a conveniently odd file in my documents folder, and after stumbling upon it, I have to agree. 

This is what past me was so excited about.

You can get IceR here with very helpful install directions. (The authors are very candid about their installation instructions for MacIntoshes)

There are bunches of ways to get great LFQ alignments to improve your IDs, right? Why would you be interested in this one? 

...someone has ran a lot of nanoflow LCMS (or at least looked at it very very closely)! This is some next level alignment from some people who are really thinking about actual sample level variability and the results seriousy show. 

The ShinyApp is fully compatible with both Orbitrap and TIMMYTOF data. 


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