Friday, July 23, 2021

Alpha-fold AI solved all the human 3D protein structures! (Sort of...)


Who else saw this on their news feed in the middle of the night and realized they had to try a super easy and intuitive way to find 3D structures of...everything from humans?

Whoa, I must have been busy or something. It's been out for a week! Here is the paper (it's 1 page!)

More importantly -- here is the interface use the 3D modeling tools in PeptideShaker a lot....I wonder how hard it would be to interface with this data source. Feature request time? 

Okay -- so this is probably worth noting -- you know that wonky peptide that sometimes passes through Percolator's semi-supervised machine learning filters -- it might also happen with AlphaFold. Again, not a 3D expert, but that structure looks a little off....

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