Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Pioneer -- A clear pipeline for generating spectral libraries!

I think I've been using Skyline for close to a decade. Is that possible? I think it must be! And I know how to do exactly 2 things with it. And if I need to make even the slightest modification to those 2 pipelines, I'm more likely to beat the Oregon Trail (which I've never done) than to get Skyline to do it. 

Today I successfully pulled off a 3rd thing in Skyline in only like 11 tries, all thanks to Pioneer! 

You ready? This paper is super awesome

I've never heard of this journal, but if this is the kind of stuff they publish, I'm bookmarking it. This is step by step how to make a spectral library from like 12 search engines if you want. AND with the secret locations of everything in Skyline to allow you to compile spectral libraries WITHOUT the original RAW data! There are legitimately 6 steps highlighted in Pioneer that I'd never have guessed were remotely linked to making a library. 

If you're doing DIA or need spectral libraries for any reason at all, I can't recommend this great paper enough. 


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