Monday, July 12, 2021

Time resolved proteomics of COPD of cigarette smoking!


This is a really interesting study new study on a lot of levels. Now, it is required under the rules of this blog that I insert at least the following gif. 

This is a BIG study, though and smoking mice were used to get started and to build a set of presumptive targets before moving into human tissue. Oh yeah! This is the study

There is a ton of work here, but why would you want to read it? Well, it does a really good job of integrating a ton of iTraQ 8-plex data from a Q Exactive Plus. Offline fractionation is involved as well as a ton of different time points and conditions. 

Interstingly, the authors do a lot of this with Perseus after processing with Proteome Discoverer which, now that I'm thinking about it, makes a lot of sense to do. 

Around all the great proteomics stuff, the biology comes off as super interesting as well. It's been pretty well established that smokers are biologically older than they are chronologically and this work lands on a really interesting observation I'll just steal from the text here. 

I found this just a really enjoyable work with a complicated series of goals that succeeded thanks to a rigorous experimental design, that pays off in the end with some cool biology. Highly recommended! 

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