Saturday, July 31, 2021

If you want a mouse phosphopeptide and it isn't here, it might not exist!


Wow...okay....I figured when I got to one of the world's largest medical research institutions, we'd laugh about the stops on my career where we only had access to mice to study. Turns out you can't knock out genes in humans to test hypotheses, so there are actually reasons to study mice (there are others and you probably know them!)

NIST has nicely assembled a great resource of 70,000 or so phosphopeptides from humans in label free and a bunch in iTraQ labeled form, but what about the mice? 

Welcome to the mouse compendium phosphopeptides

That's the paper, but there is also a really nice ShinyApp that links you to every peptide and phosphopeptide they've positively identified. Got a peptide of interest and wondering what FAIMS compensating voltage you should use? It's in the App! Wondering the dominant charge state when you TMTPro label it? It's there too! 

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