Friday, April 2, 2021

MaxQuant.Live update -- Exploris support!

I don't have an Exploris to test this on, but MaxQuant.Live now supports these instruments (in the beta that is good through July).

You've got an Exploris and you love your easy to use node driven next generation workflow method design? Why would you possibly want to operate your instrument through a different piece of software? 

Can your Exploris target 20,000+ peptides per run with on the fly retention time adjustment/alignment? My Q Exactive can through MaxQuant.Live.

Can your Exploris run BoxCar? (If you've got the 480, the answer should be yes. I think that is not the same answer for the 240). 

Can you run your Exploris at 92,412 resolution? Or are you stuck with the 5 settings that the instrument vendor let you have that so you wouldn't hurt your little brain with chosing a great big number? Not any more! Punch any dumb number into the box that you want to

Again, I can't verify that it works, but the good people at Max Planck generally make some decent software that does what it says it will do. 

Go to MaxQuant.Live and check it out

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  1. Do you think it will be possible to manage a tribrid? After all, aren't the APIs the same?