Friday, April 30, 2021

An Exploris pushed to 2 MILLION resolution!

I will lead with the fact that this appears to be another study where Dr. Makarov was in his lab having some fun with his somewhat famous invention, rather than a product we'll see soon. 

There is, however, some precedence here with something that looked fun later becoming a reality. The closest example obviously being when he pushed an LTQ Orbitrap to one million resolution using a hand picked Orbitrap and some painful manual tuning, and now you can up and purchase a Fusion set up in that way, so you never know!

In this study the team pops a hand picked Orbitrap into an Exploris 480 and does a lot of fine tuning through the internal development package. It doesn't look or sound like fun to me at all, but they get over 2 million freaking resolution and show what you can do with that much resolving power. This is a short and fun read that I highly recommend. 

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