Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Donkey milk proteomics!

Did you think about donkey milk today?  Me neither! And I wouldn't have guessed it was useful. Turns out that it is: 

1) Good for children with allergies to cow milk

2) Has a long history of being utilized for various medicinal purposes.

The first seems less fantastical than the other, right? 

This group went out of their way to study the donkey milk proteome and reveals an interesting story. The start off by doing intact proteomics, and double back to fill in the blanks with LysC and Tryptic digestions. 

1) They explore both the proteins that could explain why people who are allergic to cow's milk may not have the allergy to donkey's milk

2) The antimicrobial properties? They totally confirm it. You can even leave donkey milk out for days longer than cow's milk. Antimicrobial super powers? Sure looks like it and this group points at what might be causing it. 

Altogether it's a really nice study with some cool biology explained by some really good mass spectrometry. 

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