Saturday, April 3, 2021

Albumin adductomics provides readback of pollution exposure!

Uh oh y'all, it looks like albumin actually does something! You might want to take a look at this before you make that decision whether to chemically deplete it or not prior to your next study

This group (wait, I know some of these people! The full length first names of 3 of them threw me off) specifically looked at the albumin in both an untargeted and targeted (PRM) manner in samples from people in an area where lung cancer is rising at a high rate.

As an aside, have you ever tried to get an intact MS signal for albumin? I've never once got a good one. That protein just does not want to fly for me and someone said that it was the 7 stupid free Cysteines. Well, it turns out that these cysteines do more than make you question your ability to run an instrument. They covalently react with molecules and due to the relatively short half-life of the protein they can bind stuff you don't want and help you get it processed and out. 

By specifically focusing on these regions and the what binds to the cysteines, you can end up with a sensitive biomonitoring system for what a patient has been exposed to and whether they cleared it. 

All the work here was performed using nanoLC on an Orbitrap Fusion 2 "Lumos" system. What would take this to the next level would be showing that you could pick up these same molecules using a system a little less expensive, heavy, and overly complicated for clinical applications and all the transitions are here to do it! 

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