Sunday, April 4, 2021

Super heavy TMT tags! Setting the stage for SuperTomaHaQ?

 Want a fun puzzle to wrap your head around? 

Test your noggin against the concept of Super Heavy TMT

TMTPro is already pretty darned heavy. You've moved from 229Da to 304Da for your adduct, but due to the really impressive bond chemistry design or something, if I'm losing IDs, I can't really tell. 

After a quick screen of this paper my main question was "what on earth could I use this for?" And I have a hunch this JPR paper is setting the stage for something, like a clever application that I'll be impressed by later, something like a SuperHeavyTOMAHAQ solution to a biological question I didn't know existed? If nothing else, new reagents are cool and give us more stuff to be creative about. 

"Super Heavy" comes up with some really funny gifs, as well...

...thanks google images! 

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