Friday, August 18, 2023

Single cell proteomics for everyone with desktop single cell isolation!


Hmmm.....let's write this one carefully.... 

Y'all, it is really great if you can afford a $400,000 robot to very slowly isolate and prepare your single cells. The data consistency is amazing. It is so so so good. But you don't HAVE to have it unless you absolutely will only be getting 800 cells and you need to analyze all of them. Then there is nothing better. It'll put those 800 cells where you want them. 

You can do what I do and sit down with the people who run funny FACs things and get to some common language. They're just like us in many regards. Some asshole in a suit will walk into the university and tell the leadership there that if they spend XX million dollars on this big new thing, then they could get any dude shooting up fentanyl on their commute into the car to put on gloves and run the thing for 7 fentanyls an hour. Who needs an expert? Sound familiar? 

OR. There is this thing. Benchtop and "~1 order of magnitude" less expensive than what you were considering buying.

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