Monday, July 25, 2022

Protein adsorption loss (one of) the bottlenecks of single cell proteomics!


This new study probably isn't what you think it is. It is still important, but I jumped to some conclusions about it when I saw the title. 

What this is: 

A nice review of the status of single cell proteomics. 

A reminder that we don't have good QC for it. Come on, y'all, we just sorta started doing QC for bulk proteomics!

A review of some things I'd never heard of that might have some sort of application to help us with QC'ing SCP samples

What this is not: 

A study that quantifies absorption loss or provides tips for how to avoid it. 

At least it's not another deceptively written "single cell levels" study that will confuse potential collaborators and grant reviewers and lead to messed up expectations of what we're capable of because it completely ignores that protein adsorption loss is a thing. 

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