Saturday, July 2, 2022

Applying single cell proteomics to study cellular commitments to death!


Gotta move fast on this one, but my gosh, it was super refreshing to see someone outside of our group applying single cell proteomics to practical things. (Please don't misinterpret this as criticism for the amazing primary science that is coming out of SCP right now. Until we understand how things like cell cycle and mitosis ACTUALLY work there is no lack of things to do with SCP right now. I just feel like I've spent the last 18 months doing nothing but inventing things to allow us to apply SCP to pharmacology that you'll probably assume when you're reviewing my papers, I guess, that they exist already and I'm just a dumbass. The latter is probably fair. 

For example, if you buy a CellenOne system and get the ProteoChips, I bet you didn't know it can't plex control and drug treated cells in one LCMS run. It draws from one tube of cells, so it is great for studying heterogenous populations, but you can not natively apply it to a drug treatment model. You gotta tinker that one up yourself. 

Any tools that we can steal so we can stop tinkering with robots, instruments and writing new data outputs is going to make my life much much better. This paper has SO much good stuff in it! 

The approach makes more sense if you stop and skim over this earlier paper for drug mechanism studies

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