Tuesday, July 12, 2022

A panoramic review of human phosphorylation!


I've got to move fast here, but this big thinking study..

...is trying to make some sense of the huge amount of data that we've acquired, as a field, for the location and conditions for observing human phosphorylation. 

I've dreamed for years about a system that could replace a guy at the US National Cancer Institute that I got to work with once who knows phosphocascades inside and out (there is only one of him and he's expensive and busy). You go "hey Mike, I've got upregulation of JAK, STAT2, and these three other things." and Mike says "sounds like you've activated Integrin alpha 4, you should look dimerization with ITGA4 and ITGB3.

Which has always made me think that there are patterns there, right? But we've never taken the 20+ years of studying phosphopatterns in a large sense the way a high operating human brain can do it. Maybe this the kind of approach we need to get there? 

They do observe patterns here, which makes me wish that all the phosphodata on PRIDE was all the same level of quality, but hey I'll take it! 

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