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I've got a lot of started projects and a lot less finished ones, with a dwindling level of energy and free time so I've had to pick and choose what to keep going. I honestly thought that this one was going to be less relevant now with vendors providing good methods built into their boxes. On the Old Timey Proteomics Radio Hour, I was surprised to learn that the vendor provided methods weren't real...popular...effective...? So maybe this is worth some time again?  Huge shoutout to Sierra Miller for bringing to the group's attention. 

There is a learning curve here (my first posted method totally didn't work), but two uploads are live. Go to and look up LCMSMethods. You'll find the old methods upload from 2 years ago that has 100-ish methods for the Orbitrap systems. You'll also find the first new method! How to do crosslinking (optimized for PhoX). This was contributed by Johannes Hevler who is doing his PhD with Albert Heck and Richard Scheltema, so I'm going to go out on a limb and say that this is probably a good starting method. I honestly had zero idea how to start with crosslinking on a TIMSTOF, so I figured this was a great method to post first. There are 2 uploads for this method, as I did the first one wrong (learning curve). 

If you've got methods to contribute, send them over to

If you'd like to help with this project (thank you thank you thank you) I would happily add you as a collaborator so you can upload and curate methods. 

This site is super cool because if you add a method you can create permanent DOI for that method and you can link that in your papers. Then everyone can just click that DOI in your paper and get your method and do what you did! 

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