Sunday, October 24, 2021

PRM-LIVE -- Real time RT alignment for targeting on TIMSTOFs!


The TIMSTOFs are still relatively new devices and, while there are more of them all over the place all the time. My school has purchased 3 TIMSTOFs in the last 12 months! That's more than the number of Orbitraps purchased here in the last 3 years combined! There is a lot of enthusiasm about this hardware, but it's got some catching up to do. 

It's easy to forget how much of the stuff that an Eclipse can do was developed through external collaborations, or entirely externally. 

ETD -- UVA/Wisconsin

UVPD -- somewhere in Texas? Wisconsin too maybe? 

PRM -- I think someone in Wisconsin just gave it a cool name, but it might have come from there as well. I forget.

TMT MS3 -- Definitely Harvard

Lockmass -- I forget, but I think that was a Munich idea first

Real time search -- Harvard? University of Washington? I think it was a collaboration between those two places 

Internal Standard Triggered PRM -- I think one of these people had something to do with it! (This is a paper that I think of first out of Luxembourg, but I think because it was the first Q Exactive one)

In this new study, this group provides a 1 page python script that allows your TIMSTOF to adjust with your retention time drift! What did you say? Oh, your instrument can do that? Cool, well mine couldn't until this group stuffed a 1 page python script as the supplemental of this paper! 

I haven't attempted to set up TimeWarp yet, because the instrument is in use, but it looks straight-forward. This isn't all that you'll need to use it. You'll need the Python API which you can get by contacting your sales rep. It will require that you use TIMS Control (if you're using the older one that has a lot more features you can change, you'll have to switch over). If you haven't upgraded TIMS Control in a while you might need to get a newer one installed. 

In the bottom corner of TIMS Control if you see something about the Python API, but right now it's probably just greyed out. If you actually have something in the correct subfolder of your drive then it will no longer be greyed out and you can actually use it. Hopefully this is just the beginning! And if something this powerful can put together in just 575 lines, the sky might be the limit! 

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