Friday, October 29, 2021

Single cell proteomic method paper barrage! Last one for a bit.

 We finally have a nuts-and-bolts SCOPE protocol

100% recommended. My suggestion is to largely ignore the method sections from the first couple of papers on the topic. Things improved markedly up to SCOPE2. Still, stuff to learn in the first papers, but don't get the methods mixed up in your head and this is the one to tack on the wall. 

The automated NanoPots paper (NanoPots on a CellenOne, which makes it seem a lot less miserable of a process! It actually seems doable, if you've got $380k for a sample handling robot. Man, do people make funny noises when I bring that part up....) is out! 

The super cool R package from Laurent Gatto's lab with tutorials for how to work through single cell proteomics Orbitrap data is also out. 

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