Saturday, October 23, 2021

NanoScape -- You can now expense that VR headset you've been wanting!


Big shoutout to Richard for the heads up on social media on this one! 

Want to wander around in a cancer cell like you're in a video game? Hell yes you do, nerd! You can get it on Steam and it appears to be free! Importantly, there is a VR version. I've got to use my little brother's VR setup a couple of times and the Oculus is amazing, and stupid expensive. But...yo...this is for science now! If your accountant has a problem with it, send her/him this blog post!  (...actually...maybe don't do that....meh...whatever....)

The system requirements are kind of crazy. You need a minimum of a 1080 (which is still a great crypto miner, so the prices are stupid on them) and a serious processor. You might need to write off a PC upgrade.... 

Edit: I forgot to link the paper! Here it is.

Edit 2: I don't have VR so I downloaded the regular one on a PC I built 4 or 5 years ago that has much lower specs than recommended on the Steam page. It might stutter just a little as I'm walking around looking at embedded membrane proteins. It's cool that you don't need a crazy powerful GPU to at least run it even if it might work better with the extra firepower! 

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