Thursday, October 14, 2021

Very different proteomic response to Vitamin C in male and female mice!


This new study ASAP at ACS's Proteomics journal throws me because of how very different these profiles are. 

Obviously, we need to be thinking about the effects that gender and genetics have (related point out of our lab)...

...and we all know this, but do we really know it? 

This group did expert level discovery serum proteomics on an Orbitrap Fusion, I forget which one now, and then they did expert level PRMs (maybe because they also couldn't believe how different these results were)? They spiked in the Biognosys iRTs for controls and I can't find a fault with their methods or data at first glance, and the serum proteomic response to something I consider as benign as Vitamin frickin' C in their models is very different between male and female mice. This really drives home for me how much we've got to think harder about proteomics in the context of biology and expand our matrices to get it all in. 

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