Monday, October 25, 2021

Vendors are getting creative -- new mass specs are driving your way!


SCIEX is bringing some crazy new technology out to play and to get people exposed (to the technology and not to viruses!), I guess they're driving a truck full of mass specs across the country so we can see them outside in big open areas! 

In Baltimore, ours is stopping at the awesome Sagamore distillery downtown and there is a day of seminars (and food trucks) and people who register early get a distillery tour and get to take a drink on a boat!

Hey, stupid virus, try getting me through these 3 vaccine shotsy around my mask while I'm surrounded on all sides by the competitive fresh air of the scenic Chesapeake ba blowing off of America's greatest city. 

You can check here to see if your city is a stop for this truck and register! 

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