Monday, November 1, 2021

ASMS Day 1, my rolling record of some of my favorite posters!

Here are some ASMS posters that I've really liked so far (this might keep expanding as this is where I am keeping some of my notes). 

MP321 -- Using a TMT method called Tomahto to go after "Dark kinases" (did you know we still don't even know all the kinases?? WTF?

MP312 -- A really cost effective looking way to multiplex up to 32 samples

MP331 -- Depleted and TMT10-plex labeled high pH offline fractionated plasma from diseased children. One of the deepest plasma proteomes I've ever seen. Pretty downstream analysis

MP345 -- Whoa. TMTc looks really stellar compared to even MS3 based quantification? I need to hit this group up for some help with their Github stuff. 

MP348 -- Someone actually did the video upload! Understudied organism (lake trout) brain proteomics? in the context of evolution and polution accumulation? Impressive work and from an undergraduate researcher! 

MP333 -- A new TMT QC standard! I love the TKO standard! This looks to me like it's the TKO standard taken to a whole new level with quantification involved as well!  Wait. WTF is Proteome Discoverer 3.0? 

MP051 -- An absurdly pretty histone marker analysis! 

MP041 -- Luxon (the laser electrospray thing) analysis of serotonin in plasma

MP017 -- A great argument for serum glycomics! 

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