Monday, November 29, 2021

LFQ Analyst -- Another great downstream data interpretation web app!


I swear I'd talked about this one here before, but can't find the post anywhere....

There isn't a paper for this one yet, but I've head a rumor that it's coming. This is from some place called Monash where rumor is there are some people who know about bioinformatics.

LFQ-Analyst is really stright-forward for MaxQuant uploads and generates some nice solid visualizations. I've been assureed that other direct data import tools are in works as well. 

You can try it out here! 


  1. Thanks Ben for finding LFQ-Analyst useful.
    I find your blogposts very insightful and great place to keep up with recent proteomics trends.

    The paper is already published couple of years back in case someone wants to take a peek.

    Here is the link

    Here is the link to the paper!