Sunday, November 14, 2021

EggNog-Mapper V2 -- Updates for Meta(Prot/Gen)omics!


This might largely be for me, but there are some metaproteomics people out there! So many that they just had a conference, I think! 

Ever just ended up with a big batch of de novo results or matching your proteomics data to some RNASeq /PacBio or NanoPore data and instead of getting an accession that is useful you just have 00034634543563459054P0000P203940938430294 and thought about pBLASTing every one individually to figure out what the heck it does? 

DON'T DO THAT! (I mean, do what you want, but after the 10th one I bet you'll be rethinking the missteps you've made in your career that led you to that moment). Then Egg-NOG it! And there are some amazing new updates for it. 

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