Friday, November 26, 2021

Amica -- A simple and intuitive data interpretation program (and website!)


There is an ever-increasing number of nice tools for getting from that annoying text file of results so some sort of biological interpretation. 

Amica is a brand new one that is definitely worth taking a look at!

While the first thing to catch your attention might be that you can directly upload your FragPipe output, you might end up staying for the pretty plots. I particularly like intuitive and interactive PPI plots like this one.

I feel like the majority of nice Shiny type tools out there for proteomics need to have columns all moved around for anything other than MaxQuant (which this also directly accepts) but the increasingly large Fragpipe user base should direct a decent amount of traffic to this great toolkit.  

You can play around with formatted example data on the Amica webpage here without downloading anything! 

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