Wednesday, November 17, 2021

8k proteins/hour in 3 samples with multi- plexDIA on a QE "Classic"?!?


Hey you! Do you think you need that new ultra-expensive fancy pants instrument to compete with today's flashiest hardware?  It might seem like an unending rat race in a field largely driven by instrument vendors who somehow maintain possession of the ever-dwindling supply of real mass spectrometrists (the ones who have built or significantly altered instrument hardware before, which is a distinction in some branches of mass spec, where the rest of us are "users"). 

Or. Have we still not tapped the full potential of instruments that are rapidly approaching a decade out in our hands? 

I'll leave this here. 

I have never once in my life gotten anywhere near 8,000 proteins in an hour and I've got access to some flashy new stuff these days. 

All the files are open on MASSIVE here!

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