Monday, June 7, 2021

Preparing cells for single cell proteomics -- even more ways!


This is a continuation of last week's post on single cell sample prep. I meant to put a link to this paper in and just couldn't find it. 

Similar to the methods described last week, this one uses the CellenOne system. Dissimilar to those, this uses the NanoPots things (have you noticed how the West Coast of the US often does it's own thing with proteomics? The Trans Protoemic Pipeline doesn't appear to cross the Mississippi, for example.) 

NanoPots are of course super smart and have been in use for years now and the CellenOne can prep a ton of individual cells on single microscope sized slides! 

One more just showed up this week as well and this one is also very creative and gets great results from traditional 384 well plates.

This great new study also provides a new tool for downstream (Proteome Discoverer, woo!) analysis where the proteomics output integrates the sorting data! (What?? Yeah!) 

In the preprint from Karl Mechtler's team, they find around a 30% loss in signal from using the 384 well plates. Doesn't seem to stop this group, though, these results (Exploris 480 + FAIMS + ultra low flow nanoLC 3 hour gradients) because these results are fantastic! 

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