Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Great (and timely!) review on studying protein-DNA interactions!


I suspect that if you've got a mass spec someone is going to come by soon (if they haven't already) and they're gonna be asking about protein-DNA/protein-RNA, glyco-RNA interactions. There is considerable excitement in all of these areas (Thermo is recruiting a postdoc to develop tools for Proteome Discoverer in Bremen, or was...I can't find the link, but it sounded really cool). There is an open postdoc across the street here for that as well.

For a very timely review on the first things in that list, I suggest this very thorough new paper (I hadn't heard of 3/4 of these).

When someone comes by asking about this stuff, nod a lot, pretend you've got another pressing meeting coming up and get back to them after consulting this great paper. 

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