Saturday, June 19, 2021

I missed London Proteomics this week, but here are two great studies that were covered!


Friday was our first run trying nPoP and which required an early start and missing London Proteomics which was all about super cool drug discovery stuff. Fortunately, the site links to the most relevant papers the speakers covered (though, I assume we missed some top secret new advances.)

This week featured Ilaria Piazza and I've talked about here cool chemoproteomics stuff, the study linked is this recent one

It describes going hunting for small molecule covalent inhibitors that don't just mess with cysteines! Before some stupid virus derailed the world, the hottest drugs in the whole world were covalent inhibitors of the "undruggable target" KRAS. (KRAS is messed up in a huge percentage of tumors, and it's generally really bad when it's involved). If you can covalently inhibit a protein this terrible, what could you do with other drugs of this class? 

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