Saturday, September 1, 2018

Computers get worse at processing data when their hard drives are full.....

Maybe everyone already knows this except me. But over the last week both Compound Discoverer 3.0 (beta?) and PD 2.2 have slowed down on my PC when they're running simultaneously.

At first I thought "maybe my PC shouldn't be running big PD and CD batches at the same time," but I bothered Dave at OmicsPCs (where I get my hardware) and he checked it out.

So....apparently....these bars are red because even Windows realizes that it's a problem.....

Dave said that even with a super speed SSD thing (the 931GB drive that I processed everything on before I got too lazy and then just started processing everything on the not-precisely-meant-for data processing slow storage drive that I specifically requested he add even after he warned me that it would be a poor choice for data processing, but would be super awesome for low voltage long term secure data storage) when it gets that full, it slows down.

And then I get to answer the question -- why do I have 288GB of stuff in my recycling bin?

Delete that! And it's way faster again!

Moral of the story -- if you're a small business and I buy stuff from you, expect really stupid questions if you answer your phone.  Shoutout to the the teams and Protifi and OptysTech that are probably far too nice to agree with this statement.

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