Friday, September 21, 2018

The modern guide to proteomic statistics!

Okay, on the surface this probably isn't the most exciting topic in the world, but this review is perhaps the best recent example I've seen on the topic of false discovery rates in proteomics.

I'm permanently linking this over there ---> somewhere in the (probably needs updated anyway) section for people new to proteomics ideas.

Next time you're having the FDR conversation with a customer or collaborator -- oh, you have one today? me too! -- maybe think about starting with this amazingly insightful and well-written tutorial.

Definitely on this topic -- this xkcd I'd never seen till today. Shoutout to Ben Neely for the link!

Somewhat related and something that will go in that section over there --> as well -- if you do the Twitter thing -- @BioTweeps posted a really concise and well-written overview of Mass Spectrometry that surprisingly well within the Twitter character limits. You can find it here.

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