Thursday, September 13, 2018

Mislabeled Data Challenge starts September 24th!

Yo! Bioinformatics peeps! Want in on the coolest challenge you've ever heard of?

Check this out!

Can you get clinical data and proteomic data (and RNA-Seq data, but who cares about that?) from "patient samples" that have been deliberately mixed up and blinded and then sort them back out?

I'm not 100% sure our group qualifies to compete, but we entered anyway. Fingers crossed, we REALLY want in on this after work/weekend project.

I would like to unofficially increase the level of this challenge. Forget the RNA-Seq data. We can do this with proteomics alone!

If we get in we aren't even gonna download the RNA-Seq. The signal is there in the proteomics data. We just need smarter ways to pull it out for comparison.

Time to shift the paradigm!  It's FINALLY the age of the proteome and this is a test case where we can prove it.

You can read more about this challenge in Nature Medicine here.

You can directly sign up here.

Be warned, I'm already planning an award ceremony for when someone pulls this off without looking at the nucleotide data.

My proposal -- we should have an award ceremony for ourselves at ASMS or HUPO next year. I also propose it features the great Dr. Jurgen Cox coming in and kicking over a stool that has a Mi-Seq on it. Come on, tell me you had trouble visualizing that happening when you read it!


{Edited to remove some statements regarding RNA-Seq and shoes}

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