Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Probing the sensitivity of the Fusion Lumos system!

This new paper at JPR sets up a terrific standard method for determining the sensitivity of an LC-MS system.

The NIST reference antibody was digested and spiked at different levels into a universal concentration of a standard yeast digest. The Lumos was operated in different ways to determine relative sensitivity by picking up the mAB digest at different spike levels.

The most interesting comparisons are probably when the ion trap and Orbitrap are compared and when the Lumos is compared head-to-head with a Q Exactive Plus instrument.

While the Lumos comes out ahead in every comparison, it's only when the ion trap is involved that the gap between the two instruments becomes something you couldn't overcome with some optimization and gradient lengthening -- the gap is just too large.

There are a lot of gems in this study that help guide for instrument selection and method optimization on this great platform.

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