Wednesday, August 29, 2018

mPOP --> Streamline single cell proteomics!!

Have you taken a swing at ScoPE-MS?

Are you also really bad at pipetting?

It doesn't take too much distraction before you will lose that single freaking cell that is in the bottom of your stupid plate. ("Did I add the 0.25uL of label to this tube? I'll get the microscope to see. Hopefully it won't evaporate before I get back")

Okay -- this HAS to help!

I'm aware there is some concern regarding ScoPE-MS, such as why it hasn't been peer-reviewed yet, but I know of at least one independent lab that is pulling in results from this approach (not counting me -- yet -- pipetting issues....) so the data is coming! If you use Tweeter, or whatever, I recommend you follow @SlavovLab. This group is kicking ass and appear characteristic of the growing community of research labs that are looking to alternatives to the classic peer review model for rapidly pushing science forward.

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  1. Thanks for the highlight Ben! Yes, I know colleagues who have succeeded with SCoPE-MS and some that have difficulties. It is certainly harder than bulk MS analysis, so we will have a workshop to teach the methods at the single cell proteomics conference next year, SCP2019. In the meantime, interested colleagues can download & explore the RAW and processed mass-spec data from