Thursday, August 23, 2018

MS2Go -- Export all your Proteome Discoverer results in END USER Friendly sheets AUTOMATICALLY!

How are you going to send that data to your collaborator from your PD output? Are you gonna go through manually and cut a bunch of Excel sheets and spend the next hour combining them?

What if you could take that 12GB output report and automatically create the exact output you want?!?

MS2Go just went live at!!

Unzip and run MS2Go.

Point it toward your .pdresult file.

Give it your parameters (there are instructions at the link as well).

Kick out beautiful automatically generated spreadsheets!!

Here are some examples of how it looks!


Okay -- so MS2Go is looking for particular formats so you might need to tinker just a bit to get it to kick out what you want. By default it is going to be looking for the other IMP PD nodes. Works great for me, but if you aren't running MSAmanda as your go to search engine, you may need to read the instructions. I do, so I haven't. 

Heck -- if you haven't switched over to MSAmanda 2.0 as your default search engine for PD, maybe this is the impetus you need to finally do it! Or you could probably read the instructions....

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