Tuesday, August 7, 2018

KeyStone Proteomics Symposium in Stockholm in April!

Ummm....so...I'm not sure what a Keystone is, but holy cheese, this is one heck of a meeting in April

....Ummm...important people all talking about the most important area of science...?!?!?

Confirmed speakers appear to include a lot of people that have done enough stuff they only need one name:


and the speaker list doesn't drop in prominence after that -- I just got to Steen and I realized I had to change my template or stop -- and you can look up the list of presenters yourself. Why am I typing it all?

My wife and I were already planning to go to Sweden this year!!  The plan was to see what caused the people in the country to create the greatest musicians in the history of the universe... Something special is going on if you invent both Melodic Death Metal and ABBA in the same century.  The hope was to see see some of greatest metal bands in this entire plane of reality on their home turf. I don't know if these events can line up, but if luck doesn't them maybe we'll get creative

umm.....that doesn't get less weird on the 100th repeat....

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