Thursday, August 16, 2018

Want to learn DIA by participating in a free study (and get free samples)?!?


Tired of hearing about DIA and want to give it a shot? If you participate in the free PRG DIA study you'll get free standards AND protocols and you just have to send them your (anonymous) data in return!


Are you thinking your a DIA hotshot? Want to prove it? Same study! Get this stuff, send it in, and then revel in your mastery over your everyone else who gave it a shot, because you know those anonymous files (you get to name them) are yours. LORD IT OVER EVERYONE IF YOU WANT!

Side note -- there was a single global proteomics participant in one of the ABRF studies last who blew EVERYONE away. Same instrument. Same sample. Someone out there (who didn't lord it over everyone, thankfully, cause I was right there in the middle) IS WAY BETTER than everyone else. That might be you in DIA!  Wouldn't that be great to know?

You can sign up for the PRG DIA Study here (I think they even give you access to software to process your data, but don't hold me to it.)

I'm gunning for that upper outlier, so y'all better bring your A game. a team...

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