Saturday, July 2, 2016

WREGEX -- Cancer mutation prediction!

Quick drop here on a resource I don't 100% have my mind wrapped around yet. Slow brain Saturday!

Wregex is a bioinformatics resource that has been around a couple of years, but didn't make a big splash at first.

Wregex 2.0 launched and showed application of the power of the interface and now people are paying attention!  In this new paper, researchers show that they can go through the COSMIC cancer mutation database and start to make sense of motifs that are changing throughout the proteome.

You can access the Wregex interface directly here!

You'll also find some more pop-sci articles leading you to it with a quick Google search, but I'm not going to link them. The confusion I'm having is partially low coffee levels and partially that the original article I read might have stretched the results a good bit. Neat resource, nonetheless!

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