Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Drug target inspector! Informed info on your tumor from any -omics data set!

Wait? What?  I'm going to put this here cause I don't really have time to sort it out, but I'm really blown away by what I think I'm looking at here.

What it looks like? A brilliant data processing pipeline from a bunch seriously smart researchers in Europe.

There are bunches of those. Big deal.

But this one looks like a pipeline that takes multi-Omics workflows from whatever you can rapidly find out about a patient tumor -- with an output that is treatment recommendations!

Ummm...this is what EVERYONE in cancer has been working on. Right? This is DEFINITELY what we were trying to do at the NCI. This is what a lot of people I know are trying to do right now at the NCI...and JHU...and Sidney Kimmel...and..everywhere...

Why isn't this front page stuff all over the place?

The abstract states that they did several case tests and show that this thing works. Wait. What?

I need to do some digging. But I should probably do a bunch of things first that I'll get paid to do first...

You can find more about Drug Target Inspector at the tutorial resources here!

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