Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Mildly interesting -- and somewhat odd. Masses4Masses.org.

Might be interesting cause its got a pretty nice animation of mass spectrometry history. Might be leaning a little toward a particular set of technologies ---

Interesting perspective, right? If you were an outsider to the field you could scroll through this and think that ion mobility was the biggest technological advance in mass spectrometry for this century so far. Not to say that it isn't cool stuff. But...

...its like looking at a genomics website that breezes over PCR like it was some annoying stepping stone. "In 1995 some guys made unlimited amounts of DNA from virtually no DNA and some weird guys in Norway gave them a prize for it"

Seriously, pretty animations and some interesting videos. But it might be as slanted toward a particular technology as this silly blog is. ;)

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