Sunday, July 24, 2016

SRMAtlas -- Come on, PubMed, list this thing so I can find a full text copy!

Honestly, just leaving this here so I don't remember to read it once PubMed indexes it. I'm far too  lazy busy to find it in the stacks -- and I ain't paying $53 to read something about triple quads (no offense).  Seriously, though, Twitter has went kinda nuts about this paper, but I'm not sure anyone has read it yet.

When it is indexed I'm gonna say SRM-Atlast!


  1. remember there is always Sci-hub if you want to go to the 'Dark side' ;-)

  2. Hi Ben,

    Full text is available at the link but no pdf.


  3. LOL! No torrenting for me. Learned my lesson in college. Had to pay for what I downloaded AND had to take long and humiliating course on copyrights. Message imprinted.