Thursday, July 7, 2016

Need another reason to study glycans? Huge amount of data showing links with Aging!

Slightly relevant....these 80 YEAR OLD MARATHONERS!!!

There was a cool graph floating around ASMS this year (I suspect @ScientistSaba made it) that showed what people have been doing with their Orbitrap Fusions this year. One of the most common applications? Probably no surprise -- glycoproteomics. Seems like everybody is looking at sugars these days!

While doing my daily Scholar search to see if anyone has cured this aging crap, I happened across this really nice review from Yuri Muira and Tamao Endo that gives a break down of all the evidence that (surprise!) glycomics and glycoproteomics are valuable tools for studying what is going on behind the scenes.

It starts off by really defining glycomics and glycoproteomics but then delves right into evidence that aging work needs to put some time into this field. They review other people's work, but then preview some work they've done with a small cohort of people of ages 30-ish, 70-ish, and 110-ish (seriously!) that indicates some possible striking differences in global plasma glycan composition in the people that make it over 100. Not a cure, but a nice little review!

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