Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Concerned about how to search negative ETD spectra?

I realize that currently this is only a useful paper to a small subset of the people out there with mass spectrometers. Specifically, this probably is only useful to people who have hacked their LTQ Orbitraps with ETD and added in a CO2-based laser and wrote custom software for it. Currently.

What if you are one of those labs on the forefront of mass spectrometry with the skill to make these modifications and the intestinal fortitude to deal with your local FSE when there is clearly a

attached to your Orbitrap (I think it goes without saying that this invalidates your warranty), but you've got a bunch of MS/MS spectra you need to search?

HAHA!  Byonic has you covered. In this new paper at JPR which is (surprise!) a collaboration between the Coon lab and Protein Metrics, this group describes how you can apply Byonic to searching negative ETD spectra from such a device!

You know that stuff that is invisible to traditional shotgun proteomics (or even just gross low intensity?) well AI-NETD takes a serious whack at those spectra and returns serious levels of results.

So...about that currently thing....when do the rest of us get laser beams on our Orbitraps? Seems like a lot of people are working on or with such things...soon-ish? Please?

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