Monday, July 4, 2016

FTMS booster! I'm definitely going with a healthy dose of skepticism, but this seems a little awesome. I saw it at ASMS, but didn't get a chance to more than run by one of the posters in-between responsibilities.

This little box is supposed to be able to connect up to an Orbitrap (or LTQ-FT system!) and provide extra processing power(?) and alternate algorithms to convert the transient signal (the frequencies recorded by the Orbitrap) into mass.

The craziest part of the marketing info is this jewel. They show that if they run a Fusion system at 15k resolution and process the data with their device, that they can resolve the TMT10plex N/C reporters.  At 15k resolution.

That is a seriously big deal.

As far as I can tell only one paper has been peer-reviewed so far, and it is a rapid communication on an alternate Fourier transformation. I won't even bother downloading it cause its wouldn't help me, but here it is for you mathy people!

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