Monday, July 18, 2016

BioNSI -- FRIENDLY biological network simulator

There are some totally sweet and expensive pathway network tools out there AND there are a bunch of cool R scripts that can do all sorts of pathway and network analysis. The latter has the drawback of....well...being R scripts and the former have the drawback of not being free.

What are you going to do if you're not loaded with funds or free time?

Maybe you need CytoScape and the new BioNSI add-in software!

It is described here in JPR -- brand new this month!

Did I read it? NOOOPE. 1) It is behind a paywall and 2) The link to the software is in the abstract (and here!)

These awesome authors also provide us with some nice tutorials and easy sample data sets.

My recommendation:
1) Go to and upgrade your Java (chances are yours is out of date)
2) Download CytoScape here. 
3) Run the BioNSI.Jar file and the tool is in there.

Feed it some quantification data and see if it makes any sense out of it!


  1. I'm supposed to pronounce BioNSi as Beyoncé right?

  2. Yes, I believe so. In fact...Google image search kept pulling up pics of her when I looked for it!