Sunday, January 2, 2022

IN MAMMALIAN BRAIN -- Nuclear Proteomic Dynamics!


Not sure how I missed this one, but this system is ridiculously awesome.

APEX in situ proteomics is super cool stuff, and before everyone shut down or had to do COVID proteomics for 2 years, it looked like that was all anyone was uploading to ProteomeXchange.

(If you aren't familiar, here is something about APEX and it's friend Bio-ID I never did get sorted out entirely). 

This study does it in a live organism! Did you know that was possible? I sure didn't

Obviously, this is a ton of work. You have to make mutant mice and then find the exact right conditions to induce the APEX reactions the way you want them to and where. This team cranks up the speed by using multiplexing on an Orbitrap Eclipe. 

Why go to the trouble? 

Name another technique that provides cell-type specific quantitative profiling of subcellular proteomics in the brain of a mammal. I'll wait. AND Worth checking out if only for the pretty pictures. 

All the RAW files are on PRIDE here

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