Monday, January 3, 2022

Determining Plasma Protein Variation Parameters for TMT Biomarker studies.

Are you getting super excited to get back in the lab? I've planned some big projects out and can't wait for some deliveries to come in! 

Great! Let's talk about the buzzkill paper of the day, where this group digs deep into variance in global plasma proteomics (using TMT quantification on an Eclipse, which, my all accounts is a pretty good too for performing that experiment). I think there are a bunch of MDs on it because who else is boring enough to want to bring a can of  "confidence intervals" to our vacuum chamber party? 

Honestly, it's not anywhere near as bad as I would have guessed before I took a deep breath and opened the PDF. It is only a problem when you consider how relatively small the average study on ProteomeXchange actually is. Yo, instruments are way faster, why isn't the biological n going up?  

I'm largely joking.  I realize lots of work is happening where people are getting their replicates up high enough to draw big biological conclusions and there is a lag phase while some things sit in peer review for a year or two. My guess is the next study from this group in Denmark is going to be something spectacular based on the work they put in up front! 

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