Thursday, March 21, 2019

ProtCID -- Hypothesize protein 3D structural interactions!?!?

New on the list of "things I'm super interested in, don't fully understand, wish I had time right this second to read in depth and -- HOLY COW I'm LATE FOR EVERYTHING but THIS IS WORTH POSTING -- list(?)"

ProtCID (which you can read about in this new PrePrint here)

You know alllllll that protein crystal stuff that people have been building up forever and exists in like 4,000 databases of varying quality and Googlability? You know allllllll that protein-protein interaction stuff that is pretty much the same?  What if somebody was crazy enough to try and link it all together so you could access it in one place?

I think this is what this is!!  Is that worth missing 1.28 meetings for? Siri says "ding-ding-ding-ding", which I'm taking as a confirmation, even if that's what she's been saying every 5 minutes for the last hour.

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