Saturday, March 2, 2019

PhoX -- An IMAC enrichable crosslinker!!

Oh. The weird blogger is back -- and he's still talking about crosslinkers....great....

Yes. This is an obsession right now. When it works -- this may be the most powerful technique I've ever used. People get excited and yell things at the projector showing the results and say biology words that I don't know. get an in vivo project and run a single sample, meticulously prepared and fractionated for 2 days and you come back with 35 crosslinks and....

...and the best results you've ever seen aren't actually all that much're starting to think this is only good for in vitro stuff and...what the Heck?!??!?

Lots of great stuff in this paper, but what I care about IS.THIS.

From human samples!!! That's more than I'VE EVER SEEN FROM 24+ FRACTIONS!

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