Friday, March 15, 2019

Got a pesky membrane protein? Hexafluoroisopropanol!

For first prize in the best chemical compound to say outloud today!

Nol (yeah?...yay?...nope. Neither work. On the 10th repeat I find myself saying "Nol-uh") I'll work on it on my commute.

What was I doing? Talking about a paper! This paper, in fact!

My good friend Dr. Blonder is a big fan of using organic solvents to get to membrane proteins (Scholar search "Blonder membranes" and you'll find papers doing things like digesting with trypsin directly in methanol and stuff going back to almost the 90s -- and these techniques do totally work) but a fluorinated solvent!??!?! That's at least new to me!

The interesting part is that this not only dissolves the membrane but it also fractionates the proteins, with integral membranes ending up separated in large degree from the anchor bound ones? That could be seriously useful when you're hunting seriously problematic proteins.

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