Friday, March 29, 2019

A new way to think about programming efficiency -- Electricity consumption!!

A pop sci article on this is available here.

The original study is available here.

Here in America this is of no concern to us. We're all trying to fit the biggest supercharger onto the least efficient V8 or V10 engine we can get dropped into the tallest truck we can, so we have 700 ft-lbs of torque (around 900 Nm to you fancy metric using literate types) with which to have flag hauling competitions.

(This really did happen, btw, and I am WAY low on the numbers -- that truck has 30% more torque than I know....better to have the torque now and not need it and let your  children suffocate on that CO2 build up, rather than need the torque, not have it, and ensure the continued existence of your species.

However -- if you're one of those weirdos who thinks it would be cool if humans didn't just die in large numbers of things that we could prevent now by doing little things like using a little less fossil fuels (weirdos) -- maybe you should stop making fun of C and...wait...I just learned Pascal is still around...(efficient!!) and continue to make fun of thing like Perl and Java (NOT efficient!) the basic architecture to get more efficiency, yo! If PASCAL can do it, I suspect the world can find a way to cut the energy usage of a Java Script in half. (Source: A guy who has compiled maybe 4 things in his whole life and is only awake right now thanks to generic DayQuil (a combination of strong stimulant, liver destroying pain killer and potent dissociative compound for sale over the counter in the US and labeled as a "cold medicine" -- for you fancy metric using literate types)

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